Your view of the world, your attitudes, your thoughts and your beliefs about success and how to unlock your own potential are all based on your past experiences, conditioning and generational thinking that could be fundamentally wrong for this modern world.

What if everything you ever believed to be true was wrong? How would you even know?

In Thoughtonomy, Grant will show you how to:

Take back your power by hacking four critical aspects of how you think about yourself, and those around you, so that you can break free from the frustration of being stuck in the rut of living your life of unfulfilled potential.
Human potential is limitless. Take off your tainted lenses and Take back your power. It’s your right.

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Why do you need a business coach like me?

I’m a qualified NLP business coach.
I’ve benefitted from business coaching myself, I practice what I preach.
A business coach can help you unleash your true potential.

Unleash Your Business Potential!

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Andy Keast

Grant Gavin has always made me sit up when he speaks, his ability to relate his experiences to ALL is a skill, natural skill for Grant although his humble personality always is reserved when congratulated. If you get a chance to hear him speak then take it, you will not be disappointed.


Andy Keast Entrepreneur & Professional Rugby Coach U.K.

Renata Milanesi

“We followed Grants success for a few years before approaching him for coaching. We wanted to build a team and identified with his leadership style. It hasn’t been easy moving from top producing agents to team leaders but Grant has kept us on track and it’s now paying off handsomely.”

Renata Milanesi, Team R&R, RE/MAX Midlands

Jarryd Jeffrey

“Grant started coaching me in August 2019 after a stretch of 6 months with very few sales. He went to work on my confidence, got me focused on the right activities, and we set some pretty high goals to make up for my loss of income. The hard work has paid off, I’ve added an assistant and I’m hitting record sales in my business in 2020”

Jarryd Jeffrey, RE/MAX Advance

Susan Watts

“I would like to thank you for attending our quarterly meeting and for being the star of the show. Your talk was relevant, inspiring and spot-on topic. I do a survey on each of our speakers and your ratings were off the charts, our agents loved you! The feedback I received was that your talk was motivational and inspiring and exactly what the doctor ordered. You are welcome back anytime!”

Susan Watts, Owner, RE/MAX Living, Cape Town.

About Grant Gavin

Grant’s mission is to inspire those around him to reach higher levels of success.

Today, Grant has grown to be an influential and respected leader in the largest residential real estate group in South Africa!

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