Focus on What you Want

May 22, 2022 | 0 comments

I’ll never forget when Apple made headlines around the world, as they became the first company to reach a market capitalization of $1 Trillion. 


As soon as this milestone was reached, and as with every other significant Apple milestone in history, poor old Ronald Wayne’s name starts popping up on social media.  Ronald Wayne is the guy who sold his 10% stake in Apple for $800 back in 1976.

So why did Ronald Wayne dump his Apple stock 2 weeks after he received it?

Ronald Wayne was avoiding risk. 

As an original founding partner of Apple alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Wayne would have been personally liable for any debts that the company could have incurred, and unlike his other 2 partners, who were much younger than him at the time, Wayne had personal assets that could have been seized if the company had failed.

He was focused on what he did not want.

Fear of failure was his motivation, and his past experience of a failed slot machine business was a massive factor in his decision.  

So he sold his shares in Apple for $800, and a year after leaving Apple, he received a further payment of $1500 to relinquish all future claims against the company.

Ronald Wayne’s decision to avoid risk and shelter himself from potential failure obviously had its consequences.  When Apple was valued at a Trillion Dollars, Wayne would have been worth approximately $100 Billion and one of the richest men in the world.

So how can you learn from this story?

In your own business, and in your own life, you will make the best decisions you can in the moment, based on not only the information you have at hand, but also your propensity or appetite for risk.

Your success in life will be defined by the quality of the decisions you make

You will make some good decisions, and no doubt you will make some bad decisions too.  In fact, even standing still and not making a decision, is also a decision.

As long as you make more good decisions than bad ones, you’ll keep moving forwards towards your goals.  

In 1976, Ronald Wayne made a decision.  Tomorrow you will be faced with a decision.

Decide to be bold.  Choose to stand out.  Decide to double your prospecting calls.  Make the decision to help a colleague.   Choose to smile and be happy.

All these decisions.  It’s all up to you.

Most importantly, focus on what you want. 

Don’t spend your life trying to avoid your fears.  Life is more fun when you’re chasing big dreams, happiness and success. 

Instead of avoiding scarcity, focus on that which brings you growth and abundance.
Instead of avoiding sadness and hurt, focus on that which brings you love and happiness.
Instead of avoiding pain, focus on everything that brings you pleasure and joy,
Instead of avoiding risk, focus on strategies that maximize your rewards.

Try it this week.

Have an amazing week


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