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I’m a perfectly imperfect human being, just like you. I experience the exact same frustration of knowing I am always capable of infinitely more, yet somehow my own mind has a way of managing to hold me back. Just like you. I know I am defined by my past experiences and a lifetime of conditioning, and as much as they shape my behaviors, I am comfortable in the knowledge that who I am today, is a result of everything that I have experienced in my life. Just like you, these life experiences of mine have made me a better Leader, a better Father, a better Entrepreneur, a better Speaker, and a better Coach.

Authenticity and vulnerability are important to me. That’s why I coach and speak from personal experience. No text book or franchise system can ever be a substitute for understanding what challenges you are currently experiencing. I’ve been the insecure human being, always doubting myself, and completely lacking in confidence. Like you, I’ve compared myself to others, I’ve experienced rejection and I‘ve questioned my worth more than a few times, and I have lived with the unhappiness of wishing I was somebody else.

But none of those limiting beliefs ever worked out for me. They’re not going to work for you either. Today I’m a different person. I run the most dominant real estate property business in my city, I speak to audiences around the world and I am a Master NLP Coach, focused on helping people just like you, remove your limiting decisions and beliefs so that you too can start living a life of full potential. You can change your life today. It’s simply a decision that you need to make to invest in yourself. Just like me. It’s the best decision you will ever make.

So tell me, how can I help you?

Become The Best Possible Version Of Yourself

Success. By Design.

Award Winning Entrepreneur & International Speaker Grant Gavin will inspire you and your team by challenging your existing thought processes so that you can unlock your true potential in business and in life.

NLP Master Coach

Grant has had many business coaches/mentors over the years and credits his success to the guidance he has received from experienced business minds who have guided him every time he made the decision to take his life to a new level. Read more…

International Speaker

Grant captivates audiences around the globe with his engaging, and authentic speaking style. He is an avid believer in the power of personal development and constant growth as a being the catalyst for success! Read more…

Inspiring Others

In 2015, Grant founded the Durban Entrepreneurs Club to provide a platform for Durban Entrepreneurs to meet in a semi-formal environment, so that they may network with and inspire one another. Read more…

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Andy Keast

Grant Gavin has always made me sit up when he speaks, his ability to relate his experiences to ALL is a skill, natural skill for Grant although his humble personality always is reserved when congratulated. If you get a chance to hear him speak then take it, you will not be disappointed.


Andy Keast Entrepreneur & Professional Rugby Coach U.K.

Renata Milanesi

“We followed Grants success for a few years before approaching him for coaching. We wanted to build a team and identified with his leadership style. It hasn’t been easy moving from top producing agents to team leaders but Grant has kept us on track and it’s now paying off handsomely.”

Renata Milanesi, Team R&R, RE/MAX Midlands

Jarryd Jeffrey

“Grant started coaching me in August 2019 after a stretch of 6 months with very few sales. He went to work on my confidence, got me focused on the right activities, and we set some pretty high goals to make up for my loss of income. The hard work has paid off, I’ve added an assistant and I’m hitting record sales in my business in 2020”

Jarryd Jeffrey, RE/MAX Advance

Susan Watts

“Grant was the star of the show. His talk was relevant, inspiring and spot-on topic. I do a survey on each of our speakers and his ratings were off the charts, our sales team loved him! The feedback I received was that his talk was motivational and inspiring and exactly what the doctor ordered. Grant is welcome back anytime!”

Susan Watts, Owner, RE/MAX Living, Cape Town.

Cindy Norcott

“I can recommend Grant Gavin as a top quality speaker. I have attended several of his talks and I have found him to be highly professional, warm and likeable. He is authentic and credible and he walks the talk, having achieved business success in his own right. He has a way of engaging the audience and his style is professional and highly enjoyable.”

Cindy Norcott Owner: Pro Appointments Founder: The Robin Hood Foundation

Don Packett

Grant's personal goal to create and grow "Millioneers" (ask him about it, it's awesome) is incredible. He has an energy that motivates people to action, and a stage presence that is not only amazing to watch, but builds momentum in the minds of his audience.

Don Packett : Professional Speaker, Coach and Stand-up Comic

Adele Kamel

Grant is the definition of a great leader. A person who listens, puts his team before himself and take responsibility when needed to take the lead. I love how he always tries to see every person as an individual and what each person needs in order to reach their goals and desires. When he speaks on stage, you can absolutely tell how he touches the audience and empowers everyone in it.

Adele Kamel : Head of Global Marketing, Green Furniture Concept

Mandy St John Davy

I had the pleasure of meeting Grant and hearing him speak at the International Property Alliance in Marbella earlier this year. Grant had the whole room on the edge of their seats . He has the ability to fully engage with his audience and as a speaker, humanise himself so that he can touch the very heart and soul of his captivated audience.

Mandy St John Davy, Chairlady, National Ass. of Women in Property, UK

Wayne Einhorn

As a speaker, business leader and serial entrepreneur, I would highly recommend Grant as a speaker to any organization or conference. It is extremely rare to find someone with business success, sage life wisdom, and spell binding speaking abilities. Grant combines all of this with a humility and a presence that will command any room. I truly hope you get to experience one of Grant's talks.

Wayne Einhorn, Managing Partner, EDI Enterprise Performance Group, Canada

About Grant Gavin

Grant’s mission is to inspire those around him to reach higher levels of success.

Today, Grant has grown to be an influential and respected leader in the largest residential real estate group in South Africa!

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