Always Challenge Your Thinking

Always Challenge Your Thinking

Over the past few years I have been fortunate to have traveled to many parts of the world for business, and pleasure. Travel has always offered me amazing perspective of where I live and the opportunities I have in the country I choose to live. As a result I always tell people that I believe it is really important to remove yourself from your environment from time to time.

Travel and time away always brings perspective.

If you want to truly observe anything, you cannot do so from within its transactional existence. You need to step away. You need distance. You need to remove yourself from your own bubble. This is true for your business, your relationships and importantly, your life.

When you forge ahead without giving yourself time for reflection and observation, you cannot see the blind spots, or areas in your life where you can improve. You’re too focused on the doing. From time to time it’s good to step off the treadmill in order to see if you’re running in the right direction.

Affording yourself this opportunity for self-reflection is so important in ensuring that you live your life at your own maximum level of potential.

After all, true success is only relative when measured against your potential.

Life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you need, and so often, at the exact time you need it. If your head is face- down all the time, you’re going to miss something spectacular. Opportunities are all around you. Sometimes they’re sitting right in front of you, and yet you just don’t see.

You live your life according to your own set of beliefs and thought processes. You choose what you want to see, and you choose how you experience this life on every single level. What you believe to be true either works out for you, or it doesn’t. Yet you just don’t see.

You must always be willing to truly consider evidence that contradicts your beliefs and admit, from time to time, that it is possible that you may be wrong. Particularly if life is not working out the way you planned. What if everything you believed to be true, turned out to be fundamentally wrong for this modern world that you are living in?

Intelligence isn’t knowing everything. It’s the ability to challenge everything you know.

Challenge yourself. Step outside the bubble that protects you.

Travel is one way to step outside of your own bubble. Most times I have traveled I have returned with new lessons, new learnings, new experiences, and new relationships with strong people who aren’t afraid to challenge me in the way I think.

If travel is not possible, find another way to take yourself outside of your day-to-day routine. This could be a one hour walk in solitude, 20 minutes of meditation, or a Sunday morning spent reflecting. Meet new people, and build new relationships with those who offer you new perspectives.

No human being is perfect. Just when you think you have everything together, the universe sends you a reminder that your time here is going to be a never-ending journey of self-improvement, learning and growth.

You can never stop learning.

The alternative is stagnation, complacency, or even worse, exhaustion, as you push yourself harder and harder on that treadmill.

This week, make some time to jump off.

The Law Of Rythm

The Law Of Rythm

If you’ve learned one thing from 2020, its that life has a sneaky way of throwing surprises at you.   Whether its an unexpected bump in the road, or being blind-sided by the impact of a global pandemic, these events are sent to test you and ultimately, they do make you stronger.

If you’ve started your planning for 2021, you have to factor in the unexpected.

Life is way more disruptive today, than it ever has been in the past.  Technology is causing us to shift constantly, the psyche of consumer behaviour is shifting constantly, and if you aren’t finding ways to shift your own thinking then you’re going to be left behind.

Finding your own way to remain calm in the chaos is so important because those who remain calm, are generally the ones who react the fastest to the change, and ultimately reap the most reward.

Here are 2 things to consider when planning for your next 12 months:

1. Understand the Law of Rythm –  it’s a Universal Law that states that everything works in cycles.  What goes up must go down, and every summer will eventually turn into winter.

Understand that you will have times where everything is going well, and when you’re in the ‘summer’ of your life, make sure that you reap as much as you can, whilst ensuring that you are also planning for the next winter.

Likewise, when you are living through a ‘winter’ phase of your life, understand that while it may be difficult to reap your rewards right now, your summer time is around the corner, and any seeds you plant and water now, will be ready for you to harvest when your seasons change.

If you go into hibernation during winter, building up momentum takes you a lot longer when the sun eventually comes out.

2.  Magnify the Learnings – COVID-19 plunged you into an unexpected winter, the type of winter you could not have prepared for, but the lessons you would have learned during this time will prove to be invaluable when winter returns.

If you knew you were going to go through that type of winter again (ie a Lockdown situation), how would you prepare differently during the summer?

So often your focus is on building massive momentum in the summer time, and because everything seems to be going so well, the thought of a winter season does not even enter your mind.  Something as simple as putting cash reserves away for a rainy day is forgotten during good times, and you spend as much as you earn.

COVID-19 wasn’t a rainy day.  It was a monsoon.  It wasn’t expected, but who’s to say that you don’t experience something similar again in the future?  Ensure the lessons you learned don’t go to waste.

Finally, this mail has focused on the unexpected events that can rock your business world, but as you know, a change in seasons can happen to you in your personal life as well.  Life is not all roses and caviar.

People in your life will hurt you, disappoint you, leave you, let you down and go back on their word, and like the changing of the seasons, there is actually nothing you can do to control the actions of another.

All you can control is what you choose focus on, as well as how you react to unexpected reactions, situations and events.

Remember to focus on what you want, and not on what you don’t want.  Life will always throw you a curve-ball or two, but to be honest, if life was all about roses and caviar, you’d probably find it a little boring after a while.

Have a great week.